Introduction to ethical fashion: our guide

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Over the years, ethical fashion has become not only a societal movement but above all a way of life.

By reducing our footprint on the planet through fashion, we also fight for better living conditions for workers in the sector.

But the question that many people are asking themselves: what steps to take for more ethical consumption?

1. What makes a brand ethical?
Employee working conditions:
It is important to check where the clothes you wish to purchase are manufactured: not all working conditions are the same depending on the geographical area of ​​manufacture.
At Madam Paris, we have chosen to make all our collections in France and more precisely in the Paris region.
Favor nobler and more environmentally friendly materials:

So that the garment can last for several years, it will be better to favor more noble materials such as: cotton, linen, tweed, etc.

Synthetics, in addition to holding up poorly after several washes, will have a greater impact on the environment.

Don't hesitate, by the way, to get our “Martha” dress which is 100% linen.

2. Favor quality over quantity!

The move towards a more ethical wardrobe also involves abandoning fast fashion and above all making more thoughtful purchases.

You can also turn to vintage, second hand or even “upcycling”.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is a creative practice that promotes circular and ecological fashion . The principle is simple: recover clothes, scraps of fabric, curtains or any textile material that is no longer used, to give them a new life.

At Madam, we offer you accessories designed with scraps of our fabrics for example !

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See you next week for new tips on eco-responsible fashion.


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